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Hi! My name is Bryan Pham and I am a real estate investor located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I first stumbled upon real estate investing 5 years ago when my old roommate asked me to attend our first real estate meet up in the Bay Area. 

Flash forward 5 years later, I now own a total of 16 rental properties (a combination of 8 in Los Angeles, CA and 8 in Columbus, OH) and have flipped multiple properties with the Stronger Moms Properties team. I have discovered my passion to help and work with other investors to achieve our real estate dreams together. 

Currently, I am the host of the “Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast” where we interview real estate professionals who are crushing it in the industry. We release an episode every single Sunday, so please enjoy!

Join us at our meet up group (link above) as we sync up once a month to network, exchange knowledge and make things happen!



Please join us at our monthly Real Estate Meet Ups in the SF Bay Area.

Have fun, network and make crush it making real estate deals happen!

No pressure, pitches, just a group of likeminded people who all want to work together to crush it in real estate.

Come join at us at the next event!

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