Welcome to week 23 of the Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast! This week we have Thach Nguyen, the CEO & Founder of the Thach Nguyen Real Estate Group based in Seattle, WA. Thach is a real estate investor, agent, developer, fix & flipper, BRRRR specialist, keynote motivational speaker and a coach for Springboard to Wealth. Thach has amassed an impressive following of over 31,000 on Instagram! Join this week as we align ourselves with a strong mindset to dream big!

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Intro: [00:00:00] Hey everyone. And welcome to another episode of Crushing Real Estate with  Bryan Pham, where we interview real estate professionals around the industry. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to the show and leave a very positive review. We release an episode every single Sunday. So stay tuned. Enjoy!

Bryan: [00:00:23] Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of Crushing It In Real Estate. This week, we have Thach Nguyen. Thach is a social media influencer. His influences range from Seattle to San Francisco to over the United States. He has a lot of fans everywhere. Check him out. He’s also a real estate agent and investor in the Seattle area. Ranging from flips, development rentals. You name it, he knows it all. Definitely. Thach, welcome to the show.

Thach: [00:00:53] What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Let’s give it a go in a day, baby!

Bryan: [00:00:57] Let’s do it. Hey Thatch, how’d you get started into real estate?

Thach: [00:01:02] Uh, I got started real estate by accident. Uh, I was, uh, 21 years old, just graduated from high school. I’m actually just graduated from college. And in a car at a Chinese restaurant called Tai Tung, and one of my friends, uh, she was steady for a test. He said to me, Hey, you know what? You should do real estate with me. Um, because then you got a good mouthpiece and I think you do well. And plus, you know, you can make 7% on every transaction. Well, you got to split it in multiple ways. Right? When I was young. I was 21 years old. I was hungry and, you know, I was like, okay. So I went, uh, to school and to get my real estate license. And I got my license at 21 years old and I was still living at my mom’s and dad’s house. I was fused. All right. What do you do now? You know what I mean? You got a license, now what? Right? And I was so mad, so young, so it didn’t, it didn’t even have all this stuff that people have today. And, um, I went and I don’t knock this Windermere real estate offered. Luckily it was a big brand and luckily the broker was a real nice broker. And then with Bryan and, um, you know, he interviewed me and he was like, you know, why should we hire you?  The youngest agent right now was like 35 years old. You’re 21 years old. What are you going to do for us? You know what I mean? I remember saying to him, hey, my dad is a social worker. He has a lot of Vietnamese client in the area, and I heard that you don’t pay me, I pay you every transaction. So what do you got to lose if you’re hiring me?

And he liked that comment and it’s like, you know, I like this kid got a lot of ambition. I’m going to give you trying. and so, you know, I got motives and license and I hung it out the window of our office, but still. I think I thought back then, okay. I’m in, I got in an office, I made, I just got a job, but I’m like, shit, I ain’t no paycheck. You know what I mean? And then finally we realized shit, you gotta go to work, man. And, uh, for the first three years, um, 21 to 24, I got started in 91. In 1994 for three years, I sat in the office just like anybody who is we understand real estate. I was sitting around passively waiting for someone to call me.

And at 21, the phone winds are ringing, bro. Let me tell you right? Here, you guys, shit. No, he was a hired 21-year-old kid to do anything for them. Right? Especially a big ass house. The biggest asset? And, um, at, uh, at the, uh, at 24 years old, I met Mike Ferry. And he came to Seattle to do a seminar and I went and checked them out and I liked it. Then he says, you can either passively sit around, wave a bit to the com or you can actively go out there and find the business. And there are three ways to actively do something. One, spend a lot of money and hope someone will call you. The problem with that is hard to duplicate it and repeat it. Number two sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Or, number three, go out there, actively go out there and cold call door, knock and find the business yourself. But if you’re going to do that, you got to know what to say to people. And I was like, well, damn, I don’t sound difficult. I can do that. And I signed up for coaching, man. I signed up for coaching on the spot.

It was, you had bucks, half an hour every other week. And he taught me to go out there. Know some scripts. Right. And I remember I had my script. And, uh, in 1994, my journey began, I started doing locking a hundred doors a day, five hours to do it. And I did it for 10 years straight every day to go find listings.

That’s how I started in real estate.

Bryan: [00:04:51] Definitely. I like that story a lot. You bring a lot of good points, you know? You brought up the fact that you were just sitting around in the first three years, kind of waiting for things to happen. And you went to this conference. I think I highly recommend listeners, go to conferences, get some knowledge, and took that knowledge. He came back and you know what? I’m gonna take a lot of action.

Thach: [00:05:09] Action.

Bryan: [00:05:10] Exactly. I can’t sit around. I need to do something that’s right at 24. That’s absolutely amazing. You know, without technologies like Facebook, Instagram. But you found a self-motivation to do it yourself. So props to that.

Thach: [00:05:22] It was crazy, bro. Today people go to a seminar all the time. The difference is at the end of the day, you got to stop being a fucking seminar junkie. It’s not taking action.

Bryan: [00:05:35] Hey, well said, man, a lot of people get stuck in their own analysis paralysis kind of thing. He went to Washington. He can’t move on, you know, said you’re, you’re, you’re a different breed. You know, you mentioned that you door knocked the age 24 man. Doorknock is one of the scariest things to it.

Thach: [00:05:52] Like I had every experience. I had people telling me, go learn how to speak English. When you knock on my door. They let the dog loose on me, the dog chase me down the street. They’re in a yard. I got bit by one of them.

Um, uh, you know, there was a hell of prejudice back then, you know, when I started, you know what I mean? I would door knock the neighborhood. There were a lot of Caucasians, a lot of neighborhoods. There was Jewish. Right. I didn’t know. No better. I was just stupid. I just out door knocking, like someone taught me how to do.

And, um, and it was tough, man, if that’s, you know, Seattle like no, like the Bay area, it’s cold in the wintertime. It’s raining out there. Right. I have my umbrella, but I made a commitment to door, knock a hundred doors a day, 5 days a week. And I’m going to do it from nine o’clock in the morning I would get done and you’d like to get done at about one o’clock.

And I think today when I looked back the biggest drive for me, bro. Number one when I’ve gone to all the seminars, I see a lot of successful people out there. I don’t know how successful, but they do look successful on the panel, gave me exposure. So you have a lack of exposure. It’s hard to be hungry. Okay for me, I got exposure and I see real all these bits, which people access me with all the nice stuff they have. And I wanted to come. My mom and dad come from Vietnam. We had nothing coming over here. And if I’m gonna, if I’m going to have it, I got to do myself and I was willing to do what it takes to have the nice stuff. And that’s the difference in meeting everybody else. So if you’re out there listening, if you not hungry, you got lack of exposure.

Bryan: [00:07:19] I like that story a lot, your parents came over nothing. I’m also Vietnamese. My parents came over for nothing as well. We have a lot in common. With the same mentalities that you gotta make. You gotta make things happen. You know, it’s like the guy that drives you, man.

Thach: [00:07:32] And today, bro, I’m a multimillionaire, hundreds of property. I got all a hundred thousand dollars a month of positive cash flow. I added the right, but rat race and you see my Instagram, I am doing knocking still today.

Bryan: [00:07:45] I know you do. You’re you’re, you’re amazing. You’re amazing. That sense. I follow your stories every day, dude. So with that segment, can you walk us through your first success story that you have in your career?

Like how did it happen? What kind of deal is it? How’d you find it?

Thach: [00:07:59] Yes, the first house I ever bought, let me start with that. I’ll do a knocking like I normally do back in the day, I ran into this older couple and I said, Hey, uh, have you ever thought about selling your home? They said, yes. And I was gonna listed. It was, it was going to be listed for 109,  950, right in the air called Beacon Hill in Seattle. And, um, my wife and I saw the property as we get, we’ll get rid of the listed and we asked him, Hey, you know, there’s the three-bedroom, one bath house, unfinished basement. Would you mind if I buy it? And I just took the commission off it like the 6% often. They’re like, sure we do it. That’s crazy. And I bought my first property. Now, back then I was buying a property that I call pretty much already moving condition.

Bryan: [00:08:45] Already moving conditions? Okay.

Thach: [00:08:47] Today, when I teach you how to buy an investment property, never buy a property in moving condition unless you want no profit. Okay. Unless you want to ride it. So I bought that far as, you know, a hundred five thousand. 1st time home buyer, I put down 5%, which is only about 5,500 bucks. And I rented it out still today. And I think I have three or four families in it since 1997 and today, no after… appreciation goes up. Right. Cause I banked on the appreciation. I didn’t know. I didn’t realize making money when you buy at the beginning. Hey, that property is worth about probably close to 700,000 and I own it free and clear and we get like three grand a month on that house.

Bryan: [00:09:33] I love that story, man.

Thach: [00:09:34] First property I ever bought.

Bryan: [00:09:35] Definitely from your first success, how do you get to where you got today, man? I know you got real estate projects going on, like development flipping, like…

Thach: [00:09:46] what I was when I was, uh, when I got started, I met this mentor named Sol. He recruited to come and work at his office and he has said to me, uh, you are 24, 25 years old, right? You can sell real estate and be rich, but you’d never be wealthy unless you own real estate, because rich is when you train your time for making money, you can have a nice house, nice car, but you just never have any retirement plans set up if you don’t really own real estate and the wealthiest people in the world own real estate. So you’ve got to own real estate. That’s the key. And so that’s why I bought my first house. And then what happened was, as I wanted to buy more houses, there’s only so much money. You can make it fast enough. I’m selling real estate. I’ll have to ask myself, how can I make more money in the same timeframe on top of selling real estate to buy more houses and flipping houses.

It was a natural evolution that came right after that. And I was out there selling a property to investors and builders, and I see what they were doing and I’ll go with shit. You know what? I got a crew. I know what the numbers look like. And so I bought flips. So the next evolution was I was buying flip. Back then, I didn’t realize I was buying flip also for bragging rights and to make some extra money. I didn’t have a standard on how much money on every flip I should make our doing it. So I can say I’m a real estate and an investor back then. And then I was doing some of that. And then what happened was I was making more money, buy more rentals.

And then I ran into a guy named Paul, who was a friend of mine today, my partner today. And he was a builder and he was looking for land. And he said, if you have a fine land, sell him with land. And basically you can have the listing. If they get done. So I was like, no problem. So I’ll out there. Doing knocking. And I find vacant land. I sell it to Paul. Paul, give me the listing. Well, I did that for about a year or two, and then eventually he and I became good friends and then give him when I started partying up and doing it 50-50. And that’s how I got into the world. New construction, single-family houses. right?

And then I started building townhouses and you know, all that is topless through selling real estate. Now, again, I was doing that back then. I was young to say I was a builder. Right? Didn’t have the number. Didn’t have the standard on what I, what I should have today, but I was making more money. So I’m going to actually own more rental properties.

Does that make sense?

I met another guy. And, um, I didn’t know much about building apartment building or raising capital. I had a lot of friends that actually had money that follow me. And so we bought our first big apartment building a 251 unit in Seattle, and we got permits for that. And I raised capital for that.

And then I would lie to my partner, David to build it. And, um, basically we built it, sold it, uh, in three years later, but that, that story has so many twists and turns on it probably my worst nightmare, real estate. Pay time. It was probably the best real estate lesson in my life. And so after that 2008 market, 2010, when that whole thing ended, right, we finally sold it. That was probably my biggest awakening and what I know and learn today. That’s why today when he would preach, I preach something totally different most of the guru out there.

Bryan: [00:13:13] Yeah, what is it, what is that lesson that you learned by the way? So our listeners would know.

Thach: [00:13:17] Yep. So number one is if you’re going to find a partner, make sure you’ve been in bed with them long enough and know how they work.

Bryan: [00:13:26] Oh, definitely. Especially in real estate, man.

Thach: [00:13:28] Especially real estate says developing.

Bryan: [00:13:30] Yeah.

Thach: [00:13:31] Real estate development. It takes a long time. You can be in and out in 90 days, six months, at the latest. New construction, single-family, it could be a year. Right. Maybe a year and a half apartment building two year, three year, four year. So you have to actually know how, you know, the partner is. Otherwise, you’re going to have a long nightmare relationship for a long time. That’s one.

 Number two is, um, When you ever do apartment building, you have to really understand what a niche you’re going after. Go out there and get good apartments.

You just have those a hundred unit building. Do you want to do it in the building so you can brag? I didn’t understand the niche. Today, I understand. It’s not about building apart building it’s about building a niche. Okay. And maybe capital, you know what I mean? Raising capital is everyone loved to raise capital, but they have no idea what it takes to actually keep your investor. Happy, calm, right? Throughout the whole process of the journey. Good days and bad days. And then, and then the biggest thing is raising capital overrated. Everybody wants to raise capital, but it’s a lot of stress to go along with that. And at the end of the day, building a big apartment building after your split with the investors and all that stuff, there’s not as much money everyone thinks it is.

And that’s why I realize that I didn’t know it until I did it.

Bryan: [00:14:59] Yeah, those are really good lessons learned, but you know, you said a lot of great things as well. I think the first thing you mentioned is that, Hey, you can’t be, you can be rich, but you can’t be wealthy until you own real estate, man. That’s it that we need to hear.  Cause you see, a lot of young people out there, they have a lot of money, you know?

Thach: [00:15:14] Especially, I’m gonna say this once that further. Owning real estate, without paying down your mortgage is still a liability.

Bryan: [00:15:22] Ooh. That’s a good one.

Thach: [00:15:24] Okay. So don’t get it, twisted people. Oh, I hold three properties. I own four properties. What do you owe on it? Uh, well how much positive cash flow do you have on it? And tell it paid down. You don’t really have true positive cash flow.

Bryan: [00:15:36] That’s true, man.

Thach: [00:15:38] Maybe let’s go.

Bryan: [00:15:39] Let’s go! I think you bring up really good lessons learned too. You know, like you have to know your partnership. It is not just like. It’s not just like real estate development. Like you have to, if you’re going to go into an apartment and buy and hold with someone who has

absolutely no ASIC date, that’s not syndication. You’re married to that guy or…

Thach: [00:15:58] Married to that person. I don’t recommend if you buy any investment property and partner with owning a longterm, invested property with other people. And you’ve been with that bird for a long time, a long time.

Bryan: [00:16:12] Yeah, absolutely agree to that one, I can take a lesson from tha.,

Thach: [00:16:16] But that’s so funny right now, Bryan, so many young people coming up, they all want to basically skip real estate because it’s so slow. They don’t make enough money fast enough. And they want to go raise capital from investors and flip houses and it’s to run a full property investor.

Man, I’m going to tell you, stop listening to all these young people about flipping how the, all the people on Instagram are. They flip properties 20, 30, 40, 50 houses. And these are the same as who I know when I talk to them behind the seat, I won’t drop the name on this, on this, on this, on this pod right now. But when I talked to him behind the screen, asked him how many properties did you flip last year? 50. How many did you actually keep last year? And the answer is zero. You flipped the hunted home. How many did you keep? Two. Man. Cut it out. Quit flexing. That’s bullshit.

Bryan: [00:17:05] You just created yourself a job, bro.

Thach: [00:17:07] That’s it, man. That’s what they want to do it for though. Instagram flex, bro. Right? They ain’t been around long enough. They’ve been around long enough to actually own real estate and even their own one to two, they haven’t been around long enough to realize, damn, I don’t have it paid off yet. And so these properties, they don’t produce any cash flow. 300 bucks, 400 bucks. I got three or four of them. It ain’t like I’m making a kill on it and all that headed to come along with it. Yes. That’s the reality of it.

Bryan: [00:17:35] Yeah. I definitely agree with that one, man. And other things you mentioned, know your niche, dude. Oh, your niche. You may think, Hey, I have 200 units, but it’s all a D class, F class neighborhoods. Screw bro.

Thach: [00:17:48] I have only three niches. Real estate is one niche. I still sell real estate. Is it residential real estate? So you gotta know. Number two. I own, I buy single-family houses deal. Yeah, I buy them a fixer and I do what I call full Burr on it. And I still do that today. I built houses and townhouses, and I also pictured an area of why full Burr, those properties. And I built a micro-apartment like I’m doing in downtown Oakland right now. It’s a 90 unit apartment building. I don’t break ground. Matter of fact, in a couple of weeks,

Bryan: [00:18:24] If you guys are in the Oakland Bay area, please check out Valdez street. Parking lot next to a, for a web building unit. Yeah. Do you want to see a yellow sign? That’s Thach’s building guys. Come check it out.

Thach: [00:18:36] That’s it. And if you don’t know what Burr is, stand, fall buy as a fixer rehab, it rent it, refinance it, and we find it to pull your initial down payment back out. And you have to bear with the hit 30% margin. Otherwise, you can’t pull up all your down payment back out. That’s why I say full burr. We find it, pull all you down, went back out, and then repeat the process. That’s a full Burr people out there buy a fixer-upper with 10, 20, 15% margin. And they say I’m burning that ain’t no damn burr. I fixed it up or keep it as a rental property.

Bryan: [00:19:13] I’m glad you clarify her listen feeling. It’s going to be hurt yo, but lesson learn. Hey, so the next session of the podcast will be mainly focused on you. Learn more about you. So what is your short term goal one year like, and at the end of next year, what is your longterm goal? Like five years from now. Where do you see yourself?

Thach: [00:19:33] Yeah, a good question. Today, I’m 49 years old, right? And today, honestly, I really I’m at this point now and it’s, it’s crazy. And I think as you get older, I think most people are older. They understand this. I think young folks don’t want to stand this yet. I’m not too focused on when you go anymore. I have goals, but I am not really that attached to it.  And what I mean by that is that I have a five-year goal. Actually I have 10-year goals. By the time 2030. I want to get to a point where I have more rental property. Um, I want to get to where I’m having $500,000 a month in positive cash flow

Bryan: [00:20:13] Of that. Okay.

Thach: [00:20:14] Um, my kid, my last kid will be in college seven years from now. That’s why I went 10 years to now. So when my last kid gets into college, right, Hudson. Then I want to live in Seattle.  One of my short term goals is actually to have a waterfront house in Seattle, but right now I’m stacking my, one of my more rental. We’ll have a lot of funhouse in Seattle, some of the Chanel or sooner, right. I want to have a beautiful home in Newport Beach, California, and I want to have a beautiful home in Maui, Hawaii.

Bryan: [00:20:48] Wow. I like that.

Thach: [00:20:49] That then I will live in those three places. And during December the holiday, I will travel through Asia as well. That’s my vision. And I will still do real estate investing, buying, holding, and I will continue to keep inspiring people.

My big vision in life is to inspire and empower beings of people to reach for the goals and dreams. And anything’s possible by me just sharing my own goals and dream and my journey.

Bryan: [00:21:15] Yeah. I mean, that helps a lot, you know, it helps all the, seeing someone actually do it step by step. And for you, you’re very consistent in social media, too.

No, you’re probably the most, the most consistent person I see. And that’s, that’s absolutely amazing that you’re reaching out…

Thach: [00:21:30] I realize that if you’re going to do one and then you’ve got to be consistent, that’s why today you still see me out there doing knocking houses because that’s how I find my deal. I go knock, I mail out. I cold call people, and I do that, but I know it was a fair, effective, I don’t spend, like the other day I saw a Facebook, one of my friends, he spent a hundred grand on marketing to basically find a bunch of wholesale deal and his whole deal of sell deal. They’d probably make 10 grand.

How the hell are you spending a hundred grand to go get a bunch of small checks? I said, man, this whole entire year I spent two grand on marketing and the rest come from trading time versus money.

Bryan: [00:22:04] Definitely.

Thach: [00:22:05] Nobody wants to train no time.

Bryan: [00:22:08] I agree with that one. Hey, so as you mentioned, but you know, you want to inspire and motivate, you know, People do you’re by showing your goals. If we dive deeper into that, what is your source of motivation? What is your, why? What’s your reason?

Thach: [00:22:24] My big why today, bro, is this coming – from Vietnam with no money and had the blessing of meeting the right people. And they have taught me the stuff that I learned today. When I came to Vietnam, we lived in a homeless shelter and there was a gentleman named Charles Zettler, that sponsor our family to leave. The shelter delivers his family with his mom. Right. And that was the first experience of contribution to me. My dad became a social worker in the United States and that was a second, uh, um when he died at cancer in 2007,

Bryan: [00:22:59] Sorry to hear.

Thach: [00:23:00] Yeah, 2007. Um, You know, I just eulogy one of his really long, long, long timeframe from Vietnam came and says that your dad was a huge contributor in the world. And he did this and did that from Vietnam and did that. And you’re not to say, I didn’t know that because of course I’ve never, he never told us. And so when he passed away from cancer, I was there by the bedside and he passed away my hand. And I asked one of my auntie who was a channeler. I did, my dad leaves early and my aunt says through her channeling, the spirits person says that your dad left early because he can hand the Baton for you. So you can go out there and make a difference in the world.

So today, why I still go out there and door knock every day? Why I still go out there and continue to keep chasing my goal? Not because I need more money now. I need another car, another house. To me every day, you are, continue to grow. You’re going to grow like a tree. So your mind will go ahead and grow effectively versus ineffectively. So every day I’m going to get you to keep going after my goals and my dream. And I go after my goals and my dream, uh, um, you know, I see myself today at this lighthouse. And as I am going out to my goal and dream and achieving my goals and dreams, I want to share that on social media, right? That’s why you see me at social media, I don’t tell people what I’m doing. I’m just sharing what I’m doing. And I am the lighthouse. I see myself, there’s a lighthouse on the beach. And as I’m on this lighthouse, I am with my light right into the ocean and any boat that’s out there that see the light and they need help. They will come to the shore and I will help them. Am I going to get more people to come to the show, I can help them so they need to succeed. So they can also be the lighthouse on the ocean or the beach of me. And my biggest to have me like a lighthouse on the beach and together we’re going to be in the light into the ocean so we can make a difference in the world.

And this is how all of us make a difference in a world where each one of us checks out the all golden dream and then be the lighthouse on the beach with me. And then we’re going to reshine the light back into the world. We’re going to next, we’re going to help the next boat come to shore. And that’s how I see myself in the world. That’s how I see myself making a difference in the world and other people.

Bryan: [00:25:10] I love that, man. Amen, dude. I see passion, aspirations. You have the fire dude. It’s contagious. Like I want to be able to do the same over here. You know?

Thach: [00:25:20] You’re doing it right now, bro. What do you do right now? You will be in the lighthouse. You know what I mean? By all the tell people the brightest light that you can do to shine on your lighthouse is to live your dream and succeeded. But when you live your dream and achieve it, you are going to share your success, and then your life is going to be bright. The people preach about shit and don’t do shit. Their light, ain’t never, that bright is never really bright.

Bryan: [00:25:46] Absolutely agree with that one, man. So I love your, your, your why, you know, so keep showcasing what you do, keep inspiring what you do, cause you never know indirectly who you, he might influence you know.

Thach: [00:25:58] That’s right.

Bryan: [00:25:59] That’s a crazy thing. Most people think, Oh, Bryan, or Thach, you guys are just show-offs, blah, blah, blah. We don’t wanna think that way. We think we’re inspirations, you know, like, and you have people that come up to you, you or me, and they’ll say, Hey Thach, Hey, thank you. Thank you for that. We need that.

Thach: [00:26:15] It’s not showing off when you sharing, telling is showing off, hearing it, not showing off, that’s a different telling and sharing two different things.

Bryan: [00:26:25] Yeah, I absolutely agree with that one, man. Hey, um, do you have any sort of motive? Uh, do you have any source of inspiration that you draw from my books, podcasts, people you meet, like, can you name some of those for our listeners to follow?

Thach: [00:26:38] I want to name one book. I would just keep it simple. If you want to change your life because everyday start with 80% of the mindset. 20% is action. You want to change your action? You got to change your mindset. If you want to change, you gotta change your mindset. This book right here. And these people that have all these books are the people who actually changed my life right here. Bam! Ask and It is Given by Abraham Hicks. 

Bryan: [00:27:07] Alright.

Thach: [00:27:08] This right here. If you see me meditate on Instagram. Is this type right here. Abraham got in meditation, but they have a book called Aston has given this here, changed my life for here, guys. This is a mindset shift right here. And if I can recommend it to you, this is the one. Many many gurus follow this person, Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, you name them.

They all follow Abraham Hicks.

Bryan: [00:27:37] That was great with that being said, do you have any kind of morning routine or rituals that you follow or affirmation?

Thach: [00:27:43] I wake up every morning at 4:45, I get to CrossFit gym, a six o’clock to seven o’clock, Monday through Friday. When I get back to the house, I do my meditation and I do this journal and call it A I D its Def appreciation. I write down anything I appreciate every day, but to at the ICF intention, what do I want to intend today? And the piece of a delegation? What do I want to ask God? The universe on my dad to help me with. Well, I delegate that to them. So I do that every day for the last 10, 15 years, and that’s my morning ritual.

And then I, um, get my kid ready for school and then they go to school. And if I’m typically nine two by 11, I will get all my stuff together. And usually by 11 to about three o’clock, I go door knocking or cold call during those times during, usually after about three o’clock is when I go see some of the appointments.

Okay. Yeah, I’ll pick you every day. Monday through Friday,

Bryan: [00:28:39] I’ll absolutely verify that for our listeners, you know, every morning I wake up at 5:30 AM. I see Thach already at 4:45 posting a story.

Thach: [00:28:48] When you see me on Instagram, that is the day in the life of Thatch every single day. And then he made up his real life.

Bryan: [00:28:56] It’s real, Hey Thatch, if you could restart any point in your career, again, it could be from your beginning or middle or development. What part of your career would you restart again and make sure he’d done it correctly this time.

Thach: [00:29:11] Yeah, that’s a good question. Good question. When I was younger and I didn’t understand this, I wasn’t exposed to it enough. I wish someone told me to actually invest in whole real estate sooner. I was so young. I was hanging around crowds. I was young and all they were bragging about when I was at the Mike Ferry, I was young and all my young friend, we always on the panel sharing, how were we doing the real estate? How many transactions we’re doing, how much money we’re making. Right? I’m kind of a nice watch. We had what kind of nice car we had and we were sharing our success, but nobody on those panels ever talks about how I’m going to run a property that they own. And so I didn’t do that. Right until I met my friend Sol. And so since I wasn’t exposed to that, I didn’t own a lot of rental property early in my career.

And also when I was out door knocking, I used to do this Bryan. Nice. House nice, house nice. house nice, house ooh. Ugly house. Oh shit. I’m not going to house nice, house nice. house nice out. Oh, ugly house. Oh, I ain’t not from my house. That was the worst mistake. Today, this is how I do it. Nice house. Nice house. Oh, the house. Yeah, let’s go knock on it. Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock

I like money. Today is turn around. Today I still work my past customer. I send the influence, they refer me a lot of listing, but if I’m going to go door knock today, I ain’t doing knock-in randomly to get a listing or random to get nice houses. I am specifically targeting an ugly house and tear down because there’s more money made in the ugly house than a typical, nice house as a listing. This double up, triple up income there there’s a 3% commission on a house. Fixer-upper, I can double end it into my investor and get the list back. Three commission. If I didn’t want to buy it, I can buy it and assign it. I can buy a fixing a flip it. I’m going to buy it and fix it up and hold it. Those are all the opportunities I wish I knew early on, but no one told me that early on and that’s one of the biggest things I regret in real estate, my early career. I’m glad you’re out there listening. Listen! Own a real estate.

That’s where the real wall is not selling real estate.

Bryan: [00:31:29] Yeah. That’s a great tip for our listeners. Hey Thach, do you have any events or do you run any motivational conferences? Tell me up. They can share with our listeners so we can tell it to your events for you.

Thach: [00:31:40] Yep. Good question. So every 90 days I relaunch my product and my coaching program. At the end of November, we are going to relaunch. And then basically our product got coaching, I teach real estate agents and investors how to start with the end goal of how much passive income they need, how many they need, and then how to make the money fast. So they can actually finance their lifestyle and finance their investment.

I teach him how to go, basically find what I call ugly houses. I teach them how to evaluate it. I teach them the script to go out there, what to say, and go out there and cold call and donut a seller, ask them where they sell it. When you get them to say yes, you got to know how to get that deal. You gotta learn how to sell it to an investor, get the list back and builds your knowledge.

And then when you do that six months to a year and you have enough knowledge and you make a lot of cash and you can learn how to buy and flip or buy and hold your property. And with teaching them, I teach them how to do the BRR model on my property, um, to do that way. So today I have a lot of agents that I’ll want to give to wound investing in town. Wax on wax off first, how to find the property, identify the property evaluate of the property, how to find it, and sell it to an investor and learn how to do your own stuff. Six months down the road, minimum. So you get the knowledge today, Bryan, I get eight to still ask her today, just yesterday. Someone asked me yesterday. Thach, can you tell me if the house I live in is a good rental property?

And I got agents and real estate flipper. I got a flipper ball. I did 30, 40, 50 flip last year. Boost ping me on the end and the cyan and say, can you help me how to invest? Because here’s the thing. When you are going to say, did they teach you how to do CMA? Just get you to have the CMA, do not know. Did you learn how to do fix and flip or whole right? You are flipping out, evaluate how to do a flip, that has a main, how to evaluate, what’s an idea. Number two, how to hold. So you want to know how to hold you had to evaluate from that level. And if you want to have to flip yet, I evaluate from that level. So if you guys go to your cell phone, right. If you go to your cell phone and you text the number five X two five five, six, seven, eight, you can get on the waiting list.

And then in about a week or two, they go into drop the, uh, the product. And if you want to get into the product, it’s very cheap. This is a whole entire manual that I use. We put it into a system one-time fee of 750 bucks. Fortune building. Look, I charged something like this, like $25,000. And then after that, there’s a seminar, there’s $150 a month coaching call every month, every week you get a one-hour coaching call with me live and my partner every week for one hour and that’s 150 bucks. But when you sign up for the five X, a waiting list, you want to get this in here.


Bryan: [00:34:59] Awesome.

Thach: [00:35:00] Five tips on how to go make money quick right now. Okay. This is what I, you…

Listen, everything. I preach everything I put on the book, everything I put out there, coach is exactly why I do the question is, are you willing to do the work? That’s the biggest question?

Bryan: [00:35:14] Definitely. I guess that brings us to our very last question the podcast. What kind of tip and advice do you have someone that once it gets started, wants, or wants to quit this field so early. Like what advice do you have with these kinds of people?

Thach: [00:35:30] I’m gonna tell you right now. See this chart behind you.

Bryan: [00:35:33] You got to explain to our, to our podcast listeners too.

Thach: [00:35:38] So this chart here is a little version I created, I call four-quadrant Robert Kiyosaki. You got the E, not doing here in Oakland, you got E staff employee. As a realtor, real estate with business, with a team and then passive income investment. Thing is everyone, everybody wants to get here. They have no idea what it takes to get here. They have no idea how to evaluate, to get here. They have no idea. And the guy Dan, Danny really ain’t got no money to get here. So everyone’s trying to get in a hurry. They want to get here, but I have no idea to do it and they make the real estate business wrong, owning, having a team wrong. If you want to get here, you have to maximize your real estate business and make a lot of money. So you can actually finance how to get here.

You got to maximize your team. And it’s not about being number one. It’s not about actually being known as seen it’s about getting, making the money. So get here. So these two categories are where it’s your business. Make a lot of money in this business. So you can get a lot of rental property, but the key is this. If you don’t, if you don’t put your money away, if you don’t park it and you make a lot of money real estate, you will spend it, but you gotta pull it off the table and park it. Otherwise, you will never have any wealth in the future. But here don’t make this your end game. It’s your end game. This is the vehicle to get here. The more money you can make in your vehicle, the more investment you can have, the faster you can get there. And that’s the biggest thing that I didn’t realize I was younger. So I’m going to tell all your real estate agents out there, all your stuff out there, selling real estate, flipping house, building houses. If you don’t pull any money off the table, you will never be wealthy. You all will be rich, but you’ll never have a retirement plan set aside. If you’re going to make a lot of my selling real estate, how is it building houses, pull the money off, buy your rental property, get them to pay off? So 20 years from now, you can have the choice to work or not to work because you choose to not until you have to.

Bryan: [00:37:37] Yeah. Yeah. I agree with that. And for our podcast listeners, I can’t see his, uh, he’s got a whiteboard, you know, he’s he pointing to the quadrant, a real estate team, and realtors because you guys have to leverage those two categories to become a real estate investor, your passive income, and that way, you know what, you don’t have to work in a Watsi man.

So just leverage those two fields. That’s it.

Thach: [00:37:59] And that’s the greatest field because you it’ll cost you nothing to actually open up that business. If you open up a subway shop cost $250,000, open up a subway, shop a McDonald’s a million dollar. And here’s a real estate agent. You, you go for a real estate office with zero money. And you can make more money than a subway shop and you really do it.

Right. But even if you own a subway shop does not mean you have rental property. That’s why a lot of the Vietnamese people that come to the United States, they own a lot of the Vietnamese sandwich shop. Right. They make a lot of that’s their big that’s all real estate business. Their business is owning the full business and own the business. And what they do is they make a lot of money and they’re older now they’re smart. They take the money, they buy a rental property. All young people learn from old people. Okay. Go make your money. Your real estate is the first shop, the Vietnamese shop, the subway shop, and you have an opportunity to put as many zeroes on that check as you want. But the key is if you don’t park the money in investment property in the future, you’re going to work with your guy. Warren Buffet said if you don’t find a way to, if you don’t find a way to make money when you’re asleep, you’re gonna have to work until you die.

Bryan: [00:39:06] Definitely [inaudible]

Hey Thatch,  how can our listeners find out more about you?

Thach: [00:39:12] Uh, you can follow me on Instagram. It’s uh, my name Thach Nguyen, and also Facebook, Thach Nguyen.

Bryan: [00:39:20] Awesome. I’ll include those in the show notes guys.

Thach: [00:39:22] Yup.

Bryan: [00:39:23] Awesome. Hey Thach.

Thach: [00:39:24] Don’t forget guys. If you want the free tip, just text on your phone. Five X two five five six, seven, eight. And you guys can get those free tips.

Bryan: [00:39:34] Sweet. I’ve also included on show notes as well. Thach, thank you for being on the show, man.

Thach: [00:39:41] Thanks a lot, bro. Appreciate the opportunity, man.

Bryan: [00:39:44] No problem, man. Thank you. Have a good one.

Thach: [00:39:46] All right. Talk to you soon. Peace out.