Welcome to episode 26 of the Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast! This week we have two very special guests, Adam Southey and Justin Silvia both real estate investors located in Texas who specialize in land investing!

About Adam and Justin:

Raw land investing experts Adam Southey and Justin Sliva know exactly where new investors struggle. They’ve each had massive success in their own business, and today they’re on a mission to help others learn to harness the enormous potential offered by land investments: incredible ROI, massive cash profits, and sustained passive income. After helping hundreds of other land investors find/sell amazing properties at unbelievable profits, Adam and Justin collaborated in creating powerful resources to support both new and seasoned land investors along their journey. They launched the Casual Fridays REI podcast and built a comprehensive online course that not only answered all the questions they had received from consulting clients but also incorporated the best of their own combined experience. Adam and Justin are here today to show our listeners there’s more than one way to achieve success when it comes to raw land investing.

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