Welcome to episode 46 of the Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast! This week we have Bo Kim, a real estate investor located in Southern California. Bo is the founder and host of the Bigger Cash Flow Podcast and an active real estate investor that currently owns 61 rental units!

More information on Bo:

Bo is a buy and hold real estate investor based in Southern California, and has been working in the Accounting industry for the past 6 years. Bo got his start in real estate investing by house hacking his primary residence in Orange County and since then, has picked up 61 units across the midwest markets of Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Little Rock using various methods such as seller financing, BRRRR, HELOC, delayed financing, and private lending. Bo is also the host of the Bigger Cash Flow podcast, a show aimed to help newbie real estate investors take back control of their finances. He is an avid writer on his blog, where he shares tips and tricks on achieving FREEDOM from time, location, and money.